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High thermal conductivity low expansion Ceramic PCB.
mong the important properties of aluminum nitride, the most significant one is the high thermal conductivity. The main mechanisms are: It is transmitted by lattice or lattice vibration, that is, by lattice wave or thermal wave. Aluminum nitride ceramics are insulating ceramic materials, for insulating ceramic materials, heat energy is transmitted by atomic vibration, which belongs to phonon heat conduction, and phonon plays an important role in its heat conduction process. The thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride can be up to 320W in theory(m·K). However, due to the impurities and defects in aluminum nitride, the thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board can not reach the theoretical value. The impurities in aluminum nitride powder mainly are oxygen, carbon, and a small amount impurity of metal ion, which produces various kinds of defects in the lattice. The scattering of phonon by these defects will lead to thermal conductivity. Even so, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board is currently the highest thermal conductivity of the circuit board.
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