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ACSR ACSR /AW Overhead Conductor for Power Transmission
ACSR have been widely used in power transmission lines with various voltage levels, because they have such good characteristics as simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost large transmission capacity. And they are also suitable for laying across rivers valleys and the places where special geographical features exist.

ACSR conductors are formed by several wires of aluminium and galvanized steel, stranded in concentric layers. The wire or wires which form the core, are made of galvanized steel and the external layer or layers, are of aluminium. Galvanized steel core consist normally of 1, 7 or 19 wires. The diameters of steel and aluminium wires can be the same, or different. By varying the relative proportions of aluminium and steel, the required characteristics for any particular application can be reached.
ACSR conductor can be produced under customer required standard, GB/IEC/BS/ASTM etc
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