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Electromagnetic sugar coating and frying machine
Introduction of electromagnetic sugar frying machine
Due to the absence of open flames, the electromagnetic heating fryer does not require traditional accessories such as blowers, heat-resistant refractory bricks, and cooling water on the furnace surface, which can reduce the volume of the equipment. The temperature of the working environment of the Longze electromagnetic stirring pot is reduced, which can reduce part of the air supply and The amount of construction and part of the investment of the exhaust device; the use of electrical energy to eliminate the construction of gas pipelines and the matching and costs of boiler rooms and gas rooms. Greatly save the area of food processing site.

Features of electromagnetic sugar frying machine
1. Safe and simple. Longze electromagnetic stirring pot adopts electromagnetic heating, the heat is concentrated in the pot body, and the periphery of the pot body is close to normal temperature, which completely eliminates the occurrence of safety accidents and hidden safety hazards such as the high temperature of the traditional heating method.
2. Longze electromagnetic sugar-free frying machine itself has a silent design, working environment without vibration, designed and manufactured according to 8-10 years of use requirements, and some products are designed and manufactured according to 20 years of use requirements, stable and durable.
3. Longze hanging sugar frying machine can completely replace the boiler, regardless of the size of the output is the ideal equipment for boiling sugar.
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