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Tomato Sauce Steam Jacketed Kettle Cooking Pot /Chili Sauce Cooking Jacketed Kettle With Agitator

Product Details
Tomato Sauce Steam Jacketed Kettle Cooking Pot /Chili Sauce Cooking Jacketed Kettle With Agitator
Steam Jacketed Kettle Cooking Features
1. Longze brand Jacketed Kettle Heating source is gas without pressure. Characteristics are large heated area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating and save energy.
2. Tomato Sauce Steam Jacketed Kettle Material is made of stainless steel SUS304 which can resist high temperature and strong acid.
3. Sauce Jacketed Kettle Capacity range from 100L to 600L different, customized under customers’ requirements.
4. Consist of pot body, frame, tilting wheel, etc.
5. The Chili Sauce Cooking Jacketed Kettle equipment can configure the mixing system according to different craft demand.

Sauce Steam Jacketed Kettle Usage
1. Steam Jacketed Kettle Cooking Pot Widely used for candy, medicine, canned food, drinks, juice, milk, etc.
2. Many restaurants or canteen are also use pot for soup, stew.
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Steam Jacketed Kettle Cooking Pot Details
The Steam Jacketed Kettle stirring way use special tilting transmission , planet stirrer and the pot body full access, realize the transmission revolution and rotation of the integer ratio, make the pot without stirring blind angle.

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