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500L Stainless Steel Large Capacity Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine
Sauces are essential to our cooking and can be seen in every kitchen. Tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, red bean paste, etc. The quality of the sauce will basically depend on the processing conditions, and is also related to the equipment of the cooking mixer. Our seasoning machine can provide powerful heating function to reach high temperature, so as to obtain good taste and smell.
Industrial cooking mixers can use wireless temperature control equipment to precisely control the temperature. We can provide different burners according to customer requirements, burners with blowers, high-pressure burners, ring burners.

Advantages of 500l stainless steel large-capacity industrial cooking mixer:

-Stable, will not shake the body during operation, but can be moved by heavy casters
-Durable quality, can work continuously 24/7
-12 months free warranty and lifetime maintenance
-Precise wireless temperature control equipment
-Individual control of intake air for various treatments
-Famous brand gear reducer, silent mode, no maintenance
-Sealed mixing head prevents corrosion and requires no maintenance
-Equipped with a faucet for easy cleaning of the bowl

Shandong SENFENG Machinery is a famous professional designer and manufacturer of food processing machines with many patents and CE,BV, SGS certifications. Our main products include popcorn machine and production line, planetary cooking mixer machine, double jacketed kettle, high pressure and vacuum cooking pot.
Through automation design and manufacture for enterprise to save manpower,improve the production rate ,reduce the production coast.Service clients cover the baking industry,fillings making meat cooked food industry,to provide heating ,vacuum concentration,disinfection and other series of cooking making equipment.My company has machinery manufacturing ,food processing,engineering installation and so on all kinds of talents ,build a comprehensive service team ,makes every effort to contribute the perfect service.
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