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Product Details
Gold Medal Popcorn Machine Sugar Wrapping Machine/popcorn Caramelizer Cooker And Coater
Gold Medal Popcorn Machine Sugar Wrapping Machine/popcorn Caramelizer Cooker And Coater Fully pot used stainless steel materials,durable and easy for clean.
Popcorn Machine Sugar Wrapping Machine is the gas or gaz heating method popcorn machine ,can make aroud 50kg popcorns per hour ,and consumption 2kg cube per hour.

Longze brand Popcorn Machine easy for operation ,with one control panel, concluding rise ,down ,discharge ,and return.One person can opeate 3sets machine at one time.

It can make different flavors popcorns ,such as caramel flavors,cream flavors,sweet flavors etc.It is cheaper than electric heating method, with affordable price.

◆High productivity with 50kg popcorns per hour.
◆Less gas consumption equipped with high efficiency cooking range comparing with other similar types
◆Press-button for ignition, automatic gas entry.
◆Whole process under control of the control panel, easy to operate.
◆Fully mix with planetary mixing system.
◆Variable mixing speeds can be controlled during processing of caramel popcorns.
◆Specially designed scrapers touching thoroughly inner surface of the bowl to avoid burning.
◆Mixing arm can be lifted up automatically.
◆Bowl can be tilted 90 degrees automatically to allow popcornscompletely discharged.
◆Double safety valves to ensure its safe operation.

Shandong SENFENG Machinery is a famous professional designer and manufacturer of food processing machines with many patents and CE,BV, SGS certifications. Our main products include popcorn machine and production line, planetary cooking mixer machine, double jacketed kettle, high pressure and vacuum cooking pot.
Through automation design and manufacture for enterprise to save manpower,improve the production rate ,reduce the production coast.Service clients cover the baking industry,fillings making meat cooked food industry,to provide heating ,vacuum concentration,disinfection and other series of cooking making equipment.My company has machinery manufacturing ,food processing,engineering installation and so on all kinds of talents ,build a comprehensive service team ,makes every effort to contribute the perfect service.
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