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Product Details
polarized stress meter PSV-801
polarized stress meter PSV-801
This Polariscope is designed to observe and analyze the distribution of internal strain in transparent plastic preforms.
It has been widely used in the quality control of various plastic rough processing products and finished bottles.
Specifications :
Viewing field: 200* 200 mm
Overall size: 300*335*330 mm
Main voltage:220 V AC
Measuring space height : 234.5 mm
Light source: LED ( White and Sodium light)
Gross Weight : 10KG
Packed in 1 carton : 45*45*32cm
1.Defects invisible to the naked eyes such as crystallization or other common defects become visible ;
2.When the plastic preform is placed on the Polarizer at a 45° angle, the colored birefringent stripes at the edge of the preform can be observed;
3.When the plastic preform is placed on the polarizer at a 0°or 90° angle, black birefringence stripes in the central part of the preform will be displayed;
4. In addition to white light, Sodium light is also used to test colored preforms or finished bottles;
5. Besides , this Strain Viewer provides 12 kinds of defect analysis functions.
12 kinds of colored defect comparison pictures will be attached to instruct related improvements in preform production process.
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