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JPL pure pp & real depth filtrationv
JPL pure pp & real depth filtrationv
String wound filter made of pure material and JIS micron rates.


String wound filter cartridge consists of multi-hole frames wound closely with textile fibers. Diverse kinds of filtering precision can be realized by controlling the winding density. As the outer bore diameter is larger than the inner one, the filter cartridges have a good deep-level filtering capability. JPL series has straight multi-hole from surface to the inner core, which performance a maximum dirt holding capacity and lowest pressure drop.


• Through holes create real depth filtration
• Large flow and small pressure loss
• High dirt holding capacity and long service life.
• Pure material


• Dimension: Outer diameter Ø63±1mm Inner diameter Ø 28mm or Ø 30mm
• Maximum operating Pressure: 0.5MPa (72.5psi)
• Temperature: 60℃(140℉)


• Industrial liquid filtration (High quality PCB & Electro-plating)
• Strong acid and alkali liquid
• Syntheti resin & paint
• Pre - RO
• Other applications
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