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Low Flatbed Semi-trailer
Low Flatbed Semi-trailer

The semi-trailer is mainly suitable for medium and heavy duty and bulk cargo in medium and long distance transportation, and has become a medium and long distance freight vehicle.

1.The vehicle body adopts high-quality steel, advanced technology, strict production and manufacturing, the vehicle structure is reasonable, reliable performance, simple operation, beautiful appearance.

2.The frames of series semi-trailers are all beam - through structure, and the longitudinal beam is flat or goosenc. The web height is from 400mm to 550mm manganese plate welding, the longitudinal beam is adopted automatic buried welding welding, the frame is adopted shot peening treatment, the beam penetrates the longitudinal beam and welding the whole.

3.The truck can only transport non-disassembled items. The unloaded ground clearance height of the cargo platform can be 750mm, 800mm, 850mm, 900mm, 1000mm. Optional rear tail style, optional front structure, optional hydraulic ladder structure, optional spring-assisted ladder, spring-assisted ladder optional single spring, double spring.

4.The climbing ladder is optional. The height of the vehicle is 2960mm, 3100mm, 3200mm, 3400mm when the ladder is selected, and the height of the vehicle is 1800mm when the ladder is not selected. The optional tires can be exposed or not exposed. The height of the left and right side beams of the vehicle is 430mm, and the height of the rear part of the vehicle is 350mm, which plays a protective role.
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