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Pallet Transport Semi Trailer
Pallet transport semi trailer

1.The loading part of the rail-plate semi-trailer is the semi-trailer with the rail-plate structure. The body adopts high strength steel, light dead weight and strong load carrying capacity.

2.The frame is beam - piercing structure, and the longitudinal beam is straight beam.

3.The longitudinal beam adopts automatic buried welding, the frame adopts shot peening treatment, and the beam penetrates into the longitudinal beam and welds the whole, which is simple, beautiful and durable.

4.The suspension adopts non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension,made of tandem leaf spring and suspension support.

5.Reasonable structure, with strong rigidity and strength, used to support load mitigation impact.

6.Optional side styles, each side can choose 5 fan and 6 fan, each side can choose 2 and 3 fan, the column can be inserted and externally inserted, the whole vehicle fence can be equipped with vertical corrugated, Horizontal corrugated, square tube flat plate, square tube cross pattern, front and rear styles are optional, and the side and rear styles can be combined at will.
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