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Powdered cane molasses
What is molasses

Cane Powder?

Powdered molasses is an energy supplement that has excellent palatability for animal feed.

The product is sold in bags of 20 kg, which facilitates handling, application, storage and if kept in a dry and cool place, it has long durability.

Advantages of using molasses powder:

The product is composed of 95% dry matter, therefore, it does not ferment, does not attract flies and the process of contamination by bacteria is extremely reduced;

It is an excellent source of carbohydrates and micronutrients;

It has high nutritional and energy value (85% NDT);

Increased growth and reproduction of animals are encouraged;

Gains in productivity;

Advantages of using molasses powder:

In bran, it is advisable to place the molasses last. This procedure prevents loss of molasses by adhering to the walls of the mixer.

When administered in hay straw or ready-made silage, it is advisable to mix a part of powdered molasses in five parts of water and water all the material.

When mixing molasses powder to animals unaccustomed to its use, it is advisable to start the treatment with smaller dosages, gradually increasing, over a few days, until reaching the ideal dosage.
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