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Cook Ware And Bakery Tools Spinning Machine
Metal spinning machine made by SPINNER can efficiently process all kinds of metal rotating symmetrical household products and consume less raw materials.The advantage of this process is that the surface of high quality of light can be generated by a clamping process.The high performance CNC metal spinning equipment can be improved rapidly and arbitrarily, and the cost of mould is low.
Wide application: baking dish, coffee pot, steamer, pan, sieve basin, bowl, wine, teapot, vase, wok ETC.
China Metal Spinning Machinery Product Advantages
Processing and production is simple
Short Spinning Time
High Output
High Accuracy In Production And Processing
High Automation Accuarcy
Minimum Tolerance
Siemens SIMENS 808D 828D CNC Systerm
Playback motion control
Machine Description
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