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Handrail Roll Forming Machine
Handrails are usually practical and decorative protrusions that are usually installed on stairs, railings, balconies, etc., and are members of railings or railings (top surface) for people to support when walking.

The materials are mostly wood, but also metal, plastic, terrazzo, marble, etc. It is required to be safe, firm, beautiful, with a smooth surface without sharp edges and corners.

The form can be designed at will, but the width is based on the principle of being able to hold it comfortably, generally 40-60mm, and the widest should not exceed 95mm, and it needs to be set continuously along the full length of the stairs and stair landing.
Metal Handrail Drawing after forming proce for triangle shape and bread shape photo

Input dia. 50mm round tube * T.1.25-1.5mm for triangle shape handrail
Input dia. 57mm round tube * T.1.25-1.5mm for bread shape handrail
Input dia. 75mm round tube * T.1.25-1.5mm
Handrail Roll forming machine operation guide
Develop safe operating procedures. Do not touch the mold during the operation of the unit. If you need to touch it during work, your hands should be placed in the direction of the pipe. Operators should have fixed positions, not change at will, and keep a record of shifts.
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