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New product anti scale water filter cartridge with gac

Product Details
New product anti scale water filter cartridge with gac
Lanlang® ASC+
GAC/Phosphate Cartridge

Lanlang® ASC+ cartridge combines both FDA grade GAC and phosphate to improve the quality of drinking water. It contains GAC to effectively improve taste and odor by removing chlorine and phosphate to reduce scale buildup. The ASC+ cartridge can be used as a pretreatment for R/O's, ice machines, coffee makers, distillers, hot water heaters, evaporators, and steam generators. Maximum benefit is derived when the feed water flows into a holding tank (boiler, hot water heater) or reservoir, which provides a leveling effect on the phosphate concentration.

Operating data:
♦ 2℃ to 38℃ (35℉ to 100℉)
♦ Min. Working Pressure: 20 psi
♦ Max. Working Pressure: 125 psi

♦ 25 pcs per carton

Note: It is recommended that you flush for 5 minutes prior to using the water.

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