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New product live fish aquarium canister filter media bag

Product Details
New product live fish aquarium canister filter media bag
Lanlang Aquaria Pure corrects poor water quality caused by pollutants that may suppress a fish's immune system, leading to disease or death. Aquaria Pure uses superior resins to clean aquarium water, removing aquarium pollutants such as colors, odors. Can be used to remove medication from water once the working is completed. Aquaria Pure is up to 3x more effective in clearing water than carbon.

It's ideal for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums and ponds. Each 100ml treats 400L. (100 US gallons) for 3 months or sooner if aquarium is heavily stocked or colors/odors are detected. Make sure to use all products as directed in order to ensure the best results.

Benefits of using aquaria pure
• Clean yellow or brown aquarium water, keeps aquariums crystal clear
• Filters out ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and nitrate
• Removes dissolved organics
• Increases fish life span
• Easily regenerated by bleacher

One pc Aquaria Pure in plastic can, 25 cans per carton.

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