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Product Details
Antioxidant Alkaline Water Bottle
ORP (oxidation-Reduction Potential) of the water is a measure of its oxidizing or restoring quality. If ORP is positive, water oxidizes the substances with which it starts reaction, and with a negative ORP - restores them, acting as an antioxidant. Differences of ORP rate of the human body (-100mV) and of drinking water (+200~ +600mV) mean that the body is forced to change the oxidation-restorative properties of drinking water. But if the drinking water has ORP close to ORP of water inside the human body, it's assimilated immediately, as it has biocompatibility on this parameter. Our antioxidant Alkaline Water Bottle can make negative ORP water.
Our Antioxidant Alkaline Water Bottle can make healthy water the water bottle can down ORP to -200mv, make antioxidant water.
Antioxidant Alkaline Water Bottle helps regulate your body pH balance, make PH 7-9+ water, unfavorable for the development of cancer cells, prevent disease.
Release K+1, Ca+2, Na+1, Mg+2, Zn+2, Se+4, Sr+2 minerals needed by the body to water.
ORP ball: Antioxidant, make -200mV
Alkaline ball: Alkaline, make PH 9+
Natural Maifan Stone: Minerals water, add Ca, Mg, Li, Zn,Se, Sr in water
Antibacterial Ball : Bacterial removal >96%
Far-infrared Ball: Activate water
Wavelength(um): 4-14um Far-infrared emission rate(%): 10-18
Use method
The base (the bottom) is only opened when you need to replace the cartridge. Follow the steps below to replace the cartridge.
1.Unscrew the base.
2.Unscrew the old cartridge and dispose it.
3.Screw the new cartridge on until it is tight.
4. Screw the base back to the bottle after making sure the silicone gasket is in place.
5.Screw the base until it can't be twisted anymore and then to test it, slowly turn the water bottle upside down to see if any water comes out. In case any water comes out, unscrew the base and repeat Step 4 and Step 5.
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