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Product Details
PP Sediment Filter Cartridge
Lanlang® PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge is an avirulent insipidity of 100% food-grade polypropylene particles, through heat melt, silk, traction, accept to the forming tubular filter.
We added multi-stage depth filtration into our pp cartridge design. Based on separate layers of micron filtration, outside-in flow allows the outer layer to trap the larger sized particles. Material inside trap smaller sized particles layer-by-layer, our PP graded density cartridges perform better than no graded density cartridge.
By special production technology to control the diameter of the PP filter, the micro rate of the filter cartridge is controlled. Removing efficiency can reach 98%.

1. Wide chemical compatibility
2. Pressure-proof
3. High chemical resistance
4. All kinds of adapters are available
5. It has a higher contaminant holding capacity and long service life.
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