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Product Details
Anti scale polyphosphate siliphos
1. Protects water systems in hotels, public buildings, private households and industry against scale formation and corrosion.
2. Prevents so-called "brown" or "red" water and clogged pipes
3. Saves expensive repairs or even replacement of water pipes, boilers, heaters, cooling systems etc.
4. Helps to save energy
5. Extends the life of your water installation.

1. Oven,
2. Generator,
3. UF System,
4. RO System,
5. Purifiers,
6. Dispenser,
7. Filter Media,
8. Water Filter,
9. UV Sterilizer,
10. Essential Oils,
11. Filter Housings,
12. Filter Cartridges,
13. Industrial RO Systems,
14. Others.
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