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extrusion gear pump
Melt pump is used on extrusion for transporting and metering high temperature and viscosity polymer melt ; at the same time, increase and stabilize the pressure of material from screw then transport to die. Its capacity of stabilizing and metering kinds of plastics is better than kinds of extrusion. Melt pump also called metering pump, extrusion pump, gear pump, it is widely used in extrusion molding in plastic, resin, rubber industry. Now granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet, and other industries; melt pump is the essential part of extrusion equipment, applied in PP, PS, PET, PVC, ABS, PE, PA, rubber, and etc.
Pump models: 0.5CC-2000CC
Pump material: carbon steel and stainless steel 304/316/other required tool steel
Pump heating method: heater or conduction oil heating
Working temperature: ≤400 ℃
Clearing temperature: ≤450 ℃
Input pressure: ≤12Mpa
Output pressure: ≤45Mpa
Max pressure difference: ≤25Mpa
Material viscosity: 40000Pas

Melt pump advantages:
1. Stabilize the pressure of melt flow from screw to die
2. Improve the product quality---- reduce the dimensional tolerance and waste, and then produce high precision product.
3. Improve the product quantity---reduce the pressure requirement to screw, from the original screw to mold head build pressure, change to melt pump to mold head build pressure, screw can increase the extrusion speed.
4. Reduce energy consumption per unit.
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