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Product Details
Gearbox Reducer Model ZLYJ
Gearbox Reducer Model ZLYJ
Gearbox Reducer Model ZLYJ
Gearbox Reducer Model ZLYJ
I. Overview

ZLYJ series reducer is a high-precision hard-toothed gear unit with thrust pack designed for plastic and rubber screw extruders. Products are designed with reference to the technical specifications specified in JBT/8853-2001 "Cylindrical Gear Reducer". It is characterized by use of high-strength alloy steel for gear and shaft parts. The gear is processed by carburizing, quenching and grinding. The gear accuracy is GB10095-88, grade 6. The hardness of the tooth surface is HRC54-62. The front end of the hollow output shaft is equipped with large-sized thrust bearing to bear the axial thrust when the screw is working. The whole machine has the characteristics of small size, high bearing capacity, smooth transmission, low noise and high efficiency.

II. Scope of application

1. High speed shaft speed is not greater than 1500 rpm.

2. The circumferential speed of the gear is not greater than 20m/s.

3. The working environment temperature is -40℃ ~ +45℃, if it is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0℃ before starting, the reducer can be used to run in both directions, but some types of reducer have just one-way oil pump with high-speed shaft, the default direction is: facing the output shaft, the output shaft is clockwise rotation. If there is a change of direction, please specify when ordering.

III. Type of reducer

In the number of the reducer type, including series code number, specification number, nominal transmission ratio and assembly type.
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