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Product Details
Dewaxing autoclave
Dewaxing autoclave
Dewaxing autoclave
Dewaxing Autoclave
Dewaxing autoclave uses the high temperature and high pressure steam to remove wax from ceramic shell mold. FUGE dewaxing autoclave adopts the Siemens control system to automate the dewaxing process. In the whole process of lost wax, our dewaxing autoclave needs no labor to operate the machine. We also installed double safety protection devices on our dewaxing autoclave.

Dewaxing autoclave key features
Efficiency: Designed as an integration of the steam boiler and dewaxing chamber to save space and promote efficiency.
Easy operation: Easy to operate in automatic and manual mode.
Fast: Double layers pressure vessel takes short time for pressure balance, and the time can be adjusted on certain conditions.
Stability: Siemens PLC programmable controller with strong anti-interference ability and stable performance.
Traceability: Paperless recorder to monitor the whole working status, and allow user downloads the technical process data for analysis.
Green Optional Heat Recovery Unit to save cost.

Parameter list
2Design pressure1.0MPa1.0MPa1.0MPa
3Design temperature183.2℃183.2℃183.2℃
4Working pressure0.9 MPa0.9 MPa0.9 MPa
5Working temperature: ≤179℃≤179℃≤179℃
Balance Time≤5s(at the pressure of 0.6 Mpa)≤5s(at the pressure of 0.6 Mpa)≤5s(at the pressure of 0.6 Mpa)
7Inner DimensionΦ1000×1200Φ1200×1500Φ1400×1600
8Dewaxing Time0~60min (Adjustable)0~60min (Adjustable)0~60min (Adjustable)
9Heat Recovery UnitOptionalOptionalOptional
10Overall Size3600(L)×2200(W)×2400mm(H)3930(L)×2300(W)×2910mm(H)4350(L)*2460(W)*3100mm(H)
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