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4 axis ATC CNC Router machine for woodworking 2030

Product Details
4 axis ATC CNC Router machine for woodworking 2030
4 axis ATC CNC Router machine for woodworking 2030
4 axis ATC CNC Router machine for woodworking 2030
4 axis ATC CNC Router machine for woodworking 2030
4 axis ATC CNC Router machine for woodworking 2030
Description of machine:
1. Tiwan SYNTEC control system.
--- Advanced control system SYNTEC 6MB, After-sales service worldwide.
2. Linear ATC (automatic tool change) type.
---Machine with Linear type 8-12 tool Magazine. We can make it according your required 8-12 cutter automatic change, for complex wood carving

3. HQD and HSD 9.0kw air cooling spindle.
--- Import famous brand air cooling spindle is big power.

4. Spindle rotate
--- Spindle can rotary left and right total 180 degree(±90), can working for side hole carving like Keyhole, hinge hole making and so on

5. High power inverter
--- High power 11kw inverter to insure the spindle working stable.

6. Taiwan 25# square guide rail, and helical rack.
--- High quality Taiwan guide rails, and 25mm model square guide rails in side-mounted install for the long lifetime and high precision.

7. Vacuum and T-slot work table combine with 7.5kw vacuum pump
--- High power vacuum pump for the big size materials can use the vacuum for hold, if for the small size can use the T-slot for hold

8. Servo motor.
--- Leadshine / Japaness / Taiwan servo motor, acceleration performance is high, to ensure the stability and high speed work.

9. Automatically lubrication system
--- Inject oil for the machine all guide rails, keeping machine move smoother
10. Breakpoint memory
--- Can continue to work afte power off & breaking knife
11. Tool setting instrument
--- Adjust the distance from materials to cutter automatically.


Furniture industry: Solid wood furniture, solid wood door, wooden cabinet door, Paint-free door, composite gate cabinet, Board type furniture, office furniture, table and chair, door and window and Screen engraving.
Advertising Industry: Advertising identification, sigh making, Acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.
Wooden products processing: Wooden Speakers, wooden Clock, computer desk, wardrobe, Sports Equipment.
Die Industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand,plastic sheeting,PVCpipe, wooden planks and other non-metallic mold.
Musical instrument: 3D surface engraving and shape cutting for violin
Artwork line: Photo frame, jewelry box
Electrical industry: PVB circuit board, insulation material, LED display screen
Relief Sculpture and 3D Engraving & Cylindrical object.
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