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Cadmium Ingot
Cadmium Ingot
Cadmium Metal Ingot 99.995%/ Cd ingot 99.995%/ Cadmium ingot 99.995% Pure ingot with best price
Cadmium Ingot
Atomic radius: 151 PM
CAS NO. : 7440-43-9
Covalent radius: 144 + 9 pm
Van der Waals radius: 158 PM
Molecular mass: 112.41
Melting point: 594.22 K,321.07 °C,609.93 °F
Boiling point: 1040 K, 767 °C, 1413 °F
EINECS: 231-152-8
Character number: Cd
Color: blue and white color
Atomic number: 48
Element type: metallic element
HS CODE: 8107200000
Company's main business scope is aluminum and the aluminum sheet, aluminum cathode copper production and sales of ingot magnesium , lead ingot, zinc ingot, tin ingot, aluminium ingot, ADC12, as well as a variety of scrap metal, because of high quality products and reasonable export prices, which is to cultivate the foundation of our strong technical capabilities and market mainly in continental Europe, the americas, Africa and the Middle East.
Cadmium is an excellent metal for neutron absorption. Bars made from cadmium can slow down the chain fission reaction rate in nuclear reactor and are useful in zinc-cadmium batteries. Its sulfides are bright in color and are used to make cadmium yellow pigments.
Rare element, symbol Cd. It's silver white. Melting point 320.9 C. The ratio of material to cadmium in the crust is 1000000:0.1-1000000:0.5. It is extracted from zinc ore or sulphur-cadmium ore as a by-product and is mostly used to protect other metals from corrosion and rust, such as electroplated steel, iron products, copper, brass and other alloys. Another use is to make a bright yellow pigment called cadmium yellow, which can be used as a high-grade paint and painting paint.
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