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Product Details
Superda C Channel Roll Forming Machine for Solar Bracket Support
Channel roll former top hat purlin forming machine supplier design equipment for production roof and ceiling using hat profiles.

In addition to C-type light steel, cap steel has been widely used in the construction of commercial projects in the United States. The standard design is 610mm pitch truss arrangement, the upper chord is the roof, the lower chord is the ceiling.

Main Forming machines (for panel width 65mm with reinforcemnt design )

5.1 Forming Roller: 24 stations, and add Rub-roll, To make sure the surface profile no scratches.

5.2 Side Panel: T.18mm ,A3 steel Heavy duty .

5.3 Rolling speeding: 8-12 m/min.

5.4 Roller material: #45, overall quenching, hardness HRC55-60 ℃.
5.5 Motor power: 7.5KW.
5.6 Main Roller : ¢65mm, 45 #.
5.7 Equipment base: 400# H type using welded steel plate.
5.8 Transmission: chain drive.
5.9 Security: across the board with emergency stop buttons, easy to handle emergencies, to ensure that equipment and operator safety. And other gear in the chain and the staff could easily lead to injury transmission section covered with protective cover, to ensure the safety of workers.

Superda Devices completed drywal CU Channel frame metal stud production line

No.Machine nameQTYREMARK
1Uncoiler straightener1
2Servo Feeder1
4Guide device1
5Forming machine1
7Follow Shear1Including knife
8Collect rack1
9Control system1
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