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Product Details
Roll forming machine for w beam highway guardrail
Roll forming machine for w beam highway guardrail
Brand for accessorries

1Motor & ReducerDomestic brands
2The main key bearingDomestic brands
4PLC SystemsSiemens
5Low-voltage electricalSchneider
7touch screenSiemens
8Hydraulic systemDomestic brands
Completed Guardrail Production line including Devices

No.Machine nameQTYREMARK
2Hydraulic machine1With mould
3Guide device1
4Forming machine1
5Hydraulic machine1With mould
6Follow Shear1Including knife
7Collect rack1
8Control system1
Product Features

Crash barrier W beam roll forming machine advantage

1, Highway guard rail production line for producing w beam barrier, 3 wave barrier, guardrail board.

2, PLC control system, automatically and easy handle.

3, Gcr15 roller with quench process, hardness reach HRC60-65 ℃.

4,Tracking cutting system with Cr12 Cutting blade.

Guarantee of Quality

Superda guarantee highway guard rail roll forming line design accordance with clients required drawing, machine is brand new. Specification and performance as stipulated in drawing and operation with good smooth.

Model and Meaning

Highway W beam roll forming machine


Guard rail is steel material. It is a continuous structure in which corrugated steel guardrails are spliced to each other and supported by the main column. The effect of the vehicle on absorbing energy during its collision is not easy to be destroyed, and it can also protect the vehicle and the passengers.

The forming of the highway guardrail increases the appearance and increases the strength of the slab. Both are available. The automatic production line is extruded, the surface is clean and undamaged, and the corrosion resistance is extremely strong. The surface treatment is mature; anti-corrosion, anti-aging and anti-corrosion The characteristics of drying, high and low temperature, the service life in outdoor environment can reach 10-25 years; The product structure is concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, install, good anti-theft performance, limited by actual terrain, for mountain, slope, multi-bend The zone has strong adaptability and moderate cost, which is suitable for large-scale adoption.

Guard rail roll forming machine is most flexible and durable for making highway barriers.
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