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Cable Tray Production Line
Cable Tray Production Line
New Condition Cable Tray Channel Production Equipment Manufacturer China

Cable tray production equipment for producing all kinds of cable tray.

Cable tray production equipment advantage

1, Cable tray production equipment for producing and adjust different width and height,cable tray width from 100-600mm, and height from 50-100mm.

2, PLC control system, automatically and easy handle.

3, Gcr15 roller with quench process, hardness reach HRC60-65 ℃.

4,Tracking cutting system with Cr12 Cutting blade.

Model, YX100-600

Cable tray machine is the equipment for production cable tray.

Choice of Cable tray

In the engineering design, the layout of the cable tray should be comprehensively compared according to economic rationality, technical feasibility, operational safety and other factors to determine the best solution, and it must also fully meet the requirements of construction and installation, maintenance and repair and cable laying.

The height of the cable tray from the ground is generally not less than 2.5m when the bridge is laid horizontally, and a metal cover shall be added to protect the part below 1.8m from the ground when it is laid vertically, except when it is laid in a dedicated electrical room. The cable tray is laid horizontally in the equipment mezzanine or the road and is less than 2.5m. Protective grounding measures shall be taken.

Cable tray, trunkings and their hangers are used in corrosive environments and should be made of corrosion-resistant rigid materials. Or take anti-corrosion treatment, the anti-corrosion treatment method should meet the project
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