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Product Details
Vertically Lifting Joining Machine
High Frequency Vertically Lifting Joining Machine Product Description
The thinnest board it can joining is 6 mm. It is the updated version of high frequency board joining machine.
Workbench size (mm)2500×13002500×13003200×13004200×13005000×13006000×1300
Splicing thickness (mm)8-508-808-5010-8010-508-50
Upper pressure (t)202020304050
Back pressure (t)253828505060
Overall dimension (mm)(L)×(W)×(H)8700×4400×23008700×4400×230010200×4400×230013200×4400×230015600×4400×240018200×5200×2400
Weight (t)
Feeding modeAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic

Note: The default operation mode is human-machine interface, the type suffixes"-CM". It adopts auto-stacking technology with suffixes "-B".
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