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Product Details
High Speed Wooden Frame Joining Machine
HF(RF) Wooden Frame Joining Machine
This machine is suitable for fast assembling of all kinds of woooden frame, with or without tenon, such as closet door, cabinet door, furniture frame assembly, drawer, mirror frame, and picture frame, which adopts high frequency power heating, four-angle pressurized mode.
Product Description
High Speed Wooden Frame Joining Machine : Glue is solidified in 2-20 seconds, and it can operate on the assembly line.
Saving labor: It saves a lot of time for loading and checking, and operate without fixtures.
High quality: No need to use staple gun and improved subsequent procedures, the glue can be solidified under high pressure.
CNHF Low cost Wooden Frame Joining Machine : A frame only costs about 0.003-0.04 KWh.
Convenience: It adopts touch screen of human-machine interface, easy change the dimension automatically, PlC automatically control, all data can display on touch screen, including pressure, current, heating time and cooling time, etc.

Max.working size(mm)1200×8002800×8002800×10003400×1200
Min.working size(mm)80×80130×130130×130200×200
Pressurizing mode
Overall dimension(mm)2100(L)×1270(W)×1750(H)3700(L)×1270(W)×2100(H)3700(L)×1480(W)×2100(H)4150(L)×1820(W)×1850(H)

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