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Product Details
Roll forming machine for electric switch box
Roll forming machine for electric switch box
Flush mount electrical enclosure machine making dimension.

Push bottom box length is adjustable from 200-600mm, the width is 190mm, and the depth is 80mm. The actual cross-section of the product provided by the customer.
Flush mount wall enclosure production line process

Uncoiler →Straightening→servo feeder→Hydraulic press breach device → Guide device → roll forming machine → hydraulic punch →shear device (including knife)→ finished product rack

Steel flush mount enclosure roll Forming machine list


This production line is equipment for production flush wall mount enclosure. The strip coil to be processed is manually placed on the uncoiler, and then corrected and tensioned. After leveling, it enters the hydraulic pre-punching and punching notch, and is sent to the forming machine by the guide device to form. Under the frictional damping action of the forming roller and pressure roller, after entering the shearing section at a linear speed of 0-10m, the product is cut off as required, and then manually packed away.
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