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Product Details
Fat Burning Ems Training Suit
Fat Burning Ems Training Suit
The Characteristics Of Fat Burning Ems Training Suit China
1. Elastic shaping
2. Comfortable
3. Stable slip
4. Smooth fit
5. Light and fast drying
6. Not easy to fade
7.4-5 level is not easy to play
8. No smell
More details Of Ems Training Weight Loss For Sale
Ems Full Body Weight Suit use Polyester-ammonia knitted fabric, rebound wrap, light and sporty experience, delicate and smooth wear
The elastic elastic band of the pants, stable support, easy to wear and take off, easy to run and jump training
High waist design, stylish style, visually decorated waistline, personalized trend details
Smooth sewing process, workmanship, reduce activity friction, evenly fit the line
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