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Pro Ems Training Suit Price
Pro Ems Training Suit Price
EMS fitness training machine for slimming consists of functional underwear + vest
Special EMS clothing is required for EMS training. You can’t do electrical muscle stimulation in normal sportswear like you might wear during fitness (shirt and leggings).
The EMS functional underwear and vest will be need on your first workout.
On the one hand, EMS clothing includes EMS underwear. Put this on first. It is very tight and consists of an EMS T-shirt and EMS pants. Both are breathable and usually made of cotton, elastane or polyamide. These materials guarantee a high wearing comfort as well as functionality during the workout. The Per Ems Suit also protects the skin and ensures that it does not come into contact with the electrodes. It is important that you don’t wear anything underneath your EMS underwear, so no underpants and no bra.
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