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Getian High Power LED Yellow 585nm 595nm

Product Details
Getian High Power LED Yellow 585nm 595nm
deep red epileds led chip
GT-P02 Power LED/K2 Power LED
Power: 1W 3W 5W
Red copper base + Pure gold wire 99.99%
LM-80 Certified
Product Description
Basic Info:
· 1-3w 5w Industry's widest spectral Color china deep red epileds led chip 275-940nm
· High power radiation Invisible/visible light emitter
· High brightness with Wide color options
· Pure Copper Base-High heat conductivity 400W/m·K
· Original Epileds 38il 45mil 42mil wafer- High reliability
· 1.2/1.5mil gold wire-99.99% purity, good ductility, resist high current shock
· 50,000 hrs life span; 3 years warranty
· Low voltage operation
· More engergy efficient than the incandescent lamps and most halogen lights
Applications of High power led encapsulation chip:
· Signal Light
· Decoration Light
· Stage Light
· Plant Grow Light
Product Specification
Product TypeColorWL
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