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Danfoss Compressor MT36JG4EVE
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Danfoss Compressor MT36JG4EVE

Part NumberMT36-4VI
ApplicationAir Conditioning, Refrigeration
Refrigerant RatingR22
BTU Rating37992 BTU
Connection Size1-1/4" x 5/8"
Connection TypeODF
Horse PowerR22
Motor RPM3500 RPM
Motor PhaseThree
Horse Power:3HP
Piston Typereciprocating
performanceLow noise

Maneurop MT/MTZ series compressors are of the hermetic reciprocating type and are designed for Medium and high evaporating temperature applications.
There are 26 different models with displacement ranging from 30-543cm3/rev.
Our Maneurop compressors are for 50Hz, motor code is 4, can be used for R22/R407C/R134a/R404A/R507
1. Piston /reciprocating type compressors.
2. Voltage is 50Hz
3. The refrigerant are R22/R407C/R134a/R404A/R507
4. There are MT/MTZ series
5. Original from France.
6.Capacity: 1.5HP~13HP, High efficiency, Low noise
subcooling 8.3K condensing temp:54.4°C
4.R407C Rated condition :50Hz 400V
subcooling 8.3K condensing temp:54.4°C
evaporating temp.7.2°C
refrigeration and power input±5%

- Walk-in freezers and cold rooms
- Frozen food processing and storage
- Blast freezers
- Low temperature racks
- Ice cream mechines
- Display cabinets
- Water chillers
- Large packaged air conditioners
- operation under extreme conditions
- Versatile
- No need for air circulation around the compressor
- Long lifetime expectancy and reliability
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