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Product Details
Portable Plant Nutrient Analyzer
Plant nutrient analyzer saves three parameters (chlorophyll, nitrogen content and leaf temperature) at the same time. Plant chlorophyll, nitrogen content and leaf temperature are important nutrition and .They’re important basis for plant fertilization and irrigation. Use near infrared spectroscopy, test leaf chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature by near‐infrared spectrum nondestructive testing. Can nondestructive test three plant nutrition and growth physiology information.

1. Be able to save chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature at the same time, easy to draw graph of plant nutrient, leaf temperature etc. Provide for plant precision irrigation and fertilization.
2. Nondestructivetest plant quickly, not to effect plant growth.
3. Rapiddetermination: Test plant chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature at the same time.
4. Manualmeasurement
5.Viewpast stored data, show three parameters at the same
6.Thecomputer can transfer wired or wireless data so as to manage and
7.Easyto store data, directly show stored Show low power consumption.
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