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Sap Flow System
Introduction: This instrument uses the heat dissipation probe to measure the instantaneous runoff density of the trunk. It can continuously observe the sap flow of the trees for a long time, which is conducive to studying the water exchange law between the trees and the atmosphere. and use this as a means of observation to monitor the impact of forest ecosystems on environmental changes for a long time. Product Characteristics 1. Probe can be reused: Double Probe, drilling tool 2. Constant temperature heating: adopt heat dissipation method,stable data 3. Durable: stainless steel probes. 4. The collection time interval (1-99) and the end time can be set. The standard SD card has no upper limit for data storage and can be exported and analyzed. 5. Customizable AC/DC dual-purpose instruments. 6. High measurement accuracy. Technical parameters Measurement Method: Heat dissipation probe method (constant heat flow sensor method) Measurement parameters: instantaneous liquid flow density Probe length: 33mm Number of probe: 2 Display: 320*160 LCD Storage capacity: 2 GB Sampling time interval: adjustable for 1-99 minutes Power supply: 8.4 V rechargeable lithium battery (customizable solar power)
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