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Plant Root Phenotype Analysis System
Plant root phenotype analysis system is based on image recognition technology. It is professionally used for root analysis of plants after washing the roots in vitro. It can analyze root length, diameter, surface area, volume, root tip number, branch number, etc., and widely applicable to root morphology and structure research, using non-statistical methods to measure and calculate parameters such as the length of the root system in the overlapping part, and the analysis results are highly accurate.
It can be used to solve the problem that root structure and geometric parameters are difficult to obtain. It has the characteristics of convenience, efficiency and high accuracy, which can improve the work efficiency of practitioners, reduce labor costs, provide rapid multi-parameter root phenotype analysis methods, and serve plant scientific research .

1. Clear interface design, modular function design
2. User learning cost is lower, operation is more convenient and smoother
3. The analysis results are more accurate
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