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Product Details
Vacuum Seed Counter and Placing Apparatus
Product introduction

The ZLC-2000 Vacuum Seed Counting& Placing Instrument is specially designed for seed counting, seed suction and seed placing in seed germination experiment. It is composed of the main body, the sucker and the suction head. The lower part of the instrument body has been fixed with high speed vacuumize fan machine which has a strong suction and could receive 24kpa of vacuum degree and a low noise. A feculence isolation bag was placed inside of the middle of the instrument body, thus the sundries and moisture which has been sucked into the instrument bogy could be easily cleaned out. A suction regulation switch was fixed on the exterior of instrument body, the suction could be regulated depending on the size of seed granule. A deflation switch was placed on the inserted handle of the extension sucker to ensure the steady dropt of the seed. The button control switch was placed on the exterior of the instrument. The instrument was equipped with 5 seed sucker whose size was corresponded with the common germination box to satisfy the germination of different kind of seed germination experiment. The instrument body owns a luxury streamline figuration and a small volume which could be moved conveniently.


1. Used for seed counting, suction and placing in the course of seed germination.
2. Made up of main machine, suction tube and suction head.
3. with control button to control the suction power according to seed size.
4. With 5 different seed suction heads, its size and specification match with Petri dish, meet needs of different seed germination.

Technical parameters

Temperature: ≤ 40 °C
Power: 1200W 220V/50Hz
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Machine size: 30×254×40CM
Suction plate: 5pcs
Suction size: 12*8.8 (100holes, for corn, 1pc); 16.7*12 (1pc);10.3*10.3 (100 holes, 2pcs), Φ8 (100 holes/pc)
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