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Product Details
Riffle Divider

Riffle divider sampler’s structure is simple but it is practical. The fillister was in a line. It is used to divide equally each kind of seed, when pours into the seed from above the instrument, divides into alternately through a series of reverse directions chute the sample equal two parts.
Either separates many times, obtains the isometric, supplies the science sample experiment. It adopts stainless steel material.


Put the two plats into two discharge holes. Use the third plate to take the sample .The sample surface in the third plate should keep flat. Put the sample into the machine slowly. Put the machine in a flat surface. Don’t mixing foreign material in the sample. After using, clean the machine.

Technical parameters

Material: stainless steel
Groove quantity: 12
Groove width: 25.4mm
Max sample classifying quantity: 300-2000g
Shape size: 420*240*280mm
Application range: big seeds: bean, corn, etc.
Specification: big
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