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Crops Study Analysis System
Introduction It can measure crop seeds such as rice, corn, wheat, rape and soybean, and adopt high-precision weighing sensors and high-resolution cameras to shoot tested seeds. It can measure the number of smooth grains, 1000/100 grain weight and average grain shape (including length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter and area). Characteristics 1. Suitable for grain type analysis of seeds such as corn, rice, wheat, soybean, rape and vegetables. 2. Imaging characteristics: 10 million pixel resolution color camera with auto-focus, and an ultra-thin backlight light source board. 3. Counting speed, accuracy and target size: fully automatic counting speed: 1200 ~ 20000 grains/min, the number of grain error≤ ± 0. 1 ~ 0.4%,accuracy error of automatic thousand-grain weight: ≤±1 mg. 4. Each grain shape parameter (length, width, length and width ratio, area and circumference) of various adhesion grains can be automatically measured and sorted out. 5. Moisture measurement: Through the moisture meter, the data can be input into the software, and finally unified output. 6. Auxiliary deletion: can select add/delete, or directly use the mouse to manually count on the screen to ensure the personalized count of the 100% correct target area: count the optional range or rectangle range in the work area view. 7. Automatic input interface with the barcode of the tested sample and the RFID weight
data of the electronic balance. The analysis process is computer control, efficient, accurate, easy to use, counting analysis and thousand-grain weight measurement of one-click operation. 8. Software encryption 9. Analysis data export: the analysis image results can be saved, and the total report can be automatically formed. the statistical analysis results can be output to the Excel table. 10. Backlight device: the ultra-thin backlight plate has the function of adjusting the brightness, and is equipped with a seed tray with automatic calibration function. after laying the seeds, there is no shadow and the grain type is calculated.
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