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Product Details
SEC-100K Automatic Volumetric Dispensing Machine
SEC-100K Automatic Volumetric Dispensing Machine
Machine performance
1. High precision automated dispensing machine Adopt digital vision system to quickly capture the reference point;
2. Equipped with high-precision quantitative glue supply device to ensure accurate glue quantity;
3. With parameter memory function, easy to operate;
4, using high-precision CCD3 yuan automatic positioning, more accurate dispensing;
5. The track design uses secondary positioning technology, the needle spacing uses digital visionĀ 
system positioning technology, and the distance between the needle and material uses precise positioning technology;
6. With bracket heating function;
7, with automatic needle cleaning, with test glue function; automatic loading and unloading;
8, anti-collapse function, automatic detection.
9, anti-LED bracket feeding error function, automatic detection.
10.Suitable for patch: SMD020, 3528, 5050, 3014, 3535, 3020, etc
high precision glue dispensing machine Technical Parameters
Model: SEC-100K
Working stroke: 210MM (X) * 200MM (Y) * 50MM (Z)
Metering method: Volumetric multi-head dispensing valve
Control method: computer servo control
Drive method: X-Y-Z axis servo drive
Accuracy: 0.005MM
Dispense displacement error:
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