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Printed Round Beach Towel
Printed Round Beach Towel
This is a beautiful reactive printed round beach towel and popular among young women. Putting this towel on beach, you can not only attract more attention, but also can take photos with it. This Plush Beach Towel has a lot of designs and is large and thick, can be used as a blanket when it gets cold. It is very suitable for girls who pursue of a good image. Also we have prepared many designs for men.
Its printing principle is as follows:
Disperse or called reactive printing is a representative printing for Yizhaoda microfiber towels; official name is plate screen printing (sole printing).
The printing color is bright and the terry is soft and fluffy to touch. 
The color penetrates into the root of the terry, and the bottom will not be white. 
The design is made according to the number of colors, screen charge per color * color qty = total screen charge. 
We print it one color by one color and max 10 colors. 
Compared with transfer printing and inkjet printing, the material feels soft; the cost of disperse printing is lower, especially for mass production.
Plate making: according to color quantity (screen charge: USD65/color)
After making the plate, print the pattern you design on the bleached white fabric.
Based on the characteristics of polyester, the high temperature water makes its fiber expand, and after several hours of soaking, the dyestuff printed on the fabric in advance is integrated into the fiber, then wash and dry the chemical dyestuff that cannot be incorporated into the fiber. A colorful disperse printing towel fabric is finished. The terry is fluffy and soft. The color penetrates into the root of terry and it is bright with high color fastness.
We can print all kinds of design patterns or logos on fabric according to your requirements, and then make it into round beach towel, beach towel, Microfiber Bath Towels, handkerchief, poncho and other products.
Disperse (reactive) printing microfiber towel is a very popular product in the market, especially popular among young people.
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