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Microfieber Printed Round Beach Towel
Microfieber Printed Round Beach Towel
This is a beautiful reactive printed round beach towel and popular among young women. Putting this towel on beach, you can not only attract more attention, but also can take photos with it. This beach towel has a lot of designs and is large and thick, can be used as a blanket when it gets cold. It is very suitable for girls who pursue of a good image. Also we have prepared many designs for men.
Yizhaoda Microfiber round beach towel is not only superior to cotton towel in water absorption, but also excellent in printing.
First of all, we need to design patterns as customer requirements. 
A design can use up to 10 colors. Each color needs to be made as a set of plate, each set plate will cost 65 US dollars. 
If you want to make a beach towel China with diameter of 150cm, you need to order 2000 pcs at least and then we can produce for you.
Plate making is divided into two types, one is circular pattern printing (rotary screen printing), which is convenient for cutting and saving production cost. 
This kind of printing is suitable for towels with small sizes.
The other is the sole pattern printing (flat screen printing). 
The pattern is independent, so the towel needs to be cut one by one. 
The labor cost is relatively high. 
Most of our Wholesale Printed Round Beach Towel are produced by this printing method.
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