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Product Details
Cotton Microfiber Printed Towel
Cotton Microfiber Printed Towel
Cotton microfiber heat transfer printed towel is very popular among young people. The favorite pattern can be printed on the towel by heat transfer printing, which adds fun to your life. Heat transfer printing does not have effect on water absorption of cotton microfiber towel. So it can be used as face towel, bath towel and beach towel and it is very convenient.
Product Description
Various pattern designs can be printed on Yizhaoda cotton microfiber towels by heat transfer printing including high-definition photos. This printing method does not require plate making, and can achieve small batch production.
Heat transfer printed towel can be used as face towel, bath towel, beach towel, household cleaning towel, handkerchief, promotional towels in department stores and so on.
The printing pattern can be designed at will, so it is not easy to produce the same products in the market, which can meet the individual needs of customers. It's a very popular product in the market.
We export cotton microfiber printed towel China to Japan, United States, Europe, India, Brazil, South Africa and other countries and regions. 
Heat transfer instructions
The principle of heat transfer printing: firstly print the pre-processed printing pattern on a specific transfer paper with heat transfer ink, and then transfer the pattern from the transfer paper to the clothing fabric by high temperature and high pressure. It is based on the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dyes. Disperse dyes that can be vaporized at 150-230 ° C are selected and mixed with solvents such as alcohol to make "color inks." Then according to different design requirements, the "color ink" is made into printing pattern and printed on transfer paper. Then the paper is in close contact with the fabric. Under the control of a certain temperature, pressure and time, the dye is transferred from printed paper to chemical fiber fabrics such as clothing, and penetrates into the fiber through the principle of dye diffusion, so as to achieve the purpose of printing and coloring, and finally complete the whole printing process.
This printing technology integrates green, environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving, emission reduction, ecology, etc., which is a major breakthrough in textile printing technology.The fabric after printing has soft hand feel, bright color, rich layers and good air permeability.
If a customer gives you a piece of pure white polyester or light colored polyester nylon fabric with high polyester content, no matter you use paint screen printing or disperse dyes, ink-jet direct printing, or reactive printing technology to do printing, there will always be more or less unsatisfactory, either the color fastness is not good, the hand feels hard, or the printing cost is high. In other words, the above problems can be solved if the cloth printed by sublimation heat transfer printing.More information click here.
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