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Product Details
Single Faced Cotton Towel
Single Faced Cotton Towel
Product Description
Single Microfiber Cleaning Towel is a towel made of cotton yarn and microfiber yarn which is developed by our company alone.
The composition of the towel contains more than 35% cotton. There are three types of products in this series. Single faced cotton towel is one of them.
The first type: cotton yarn and microfiber yarn are combined into one single yarn to make the terry of towel contain two kinds of yarns with different materials. The Yizhaoda Face Washcloth produced in this way is soft and absorbent, and no pilling and no shedding. It feels like pure cotton towels when wiping your body. Because cotton yarn fades easily, we generally do not dye cotton yarn when we produce this product. So the towel color doesn't look very pure with dense white spots. We call this product cotton microfiber white mist towel.
The second type: the cotton yarn is knitted into vertical stripes, and the stripes of the cotton yarn are separated by microfiber terry.
According to the design, customers are more willing to dye it into two-color stripes. Because of the two dyeing processes, the cost of cotton microfiber striped towel is higher.
This towel has a unique style and is easily designed into a popular towel product. We call this towel Cotton microfiber striped towel.
The third type: the towel is knitted into cotton terry on one side and microfiber terry on the other side. You can buy a towel and experience the feeling of two kinds of material towels.Another advantage of this Face Towel Manufacturer is that it is suitable for heat transfer printing.
Polyester yarn is used on microfiber side. In this way you can print various popular patterns on this side. It is especially suitable for some suppliers who produce souvenirs for team fans and star fans. We call this product single faced cotton towel China.
The towel produced in this way is soft and absorbent, and no pilling and no shedding. The quality and performance of towel are improved. It can also give consumers the feeling of a cotton towel when wiping body. We export this cotton microfiber towel to USA, Japan, Europe, etc.More information click here.
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