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DGA diethylene glycol amine

Product Details
DGA diethylene glycol amine
DGA (diethylene glycol amine)
2- 2-Aminoethoxy Ethanol Diglycolamine DGA CAS: 929-06-6
Introduction of diethylene glycol amine DGA:
Chemical Name: 2-(2-aminoethoxy) ethanol
CAS: 929-06-6 Molecular Formula: H2N-CH2CH2OCH2CH2OH Molecular Weight: 105.14
Technical Specifications:
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Odor: slightly ammonia
Content%: ≥ 98
Moisture Max: ≤ 0.5%
Validity: 2 years
Diethylenediol Amine DGA is a colorless liquid, slightly sticky and slightly aminous. It can be dispersed in water, alcohols and aromatic olefins, but it is poorly dispersed in aliphatic olefins and ethers.
Diethylenediamine DGA is an important solvent and organic raw material. It can dissolve with water, dissolve aromatics and absorb acid gases (H2S and CO2).
Diethylene glycol amine DGA is a primary amine. Compared with other commonly used amines, it has the following characteristics and advantages in the application of metal processing fluids:
Use of diethylene glycol amine DGA:
1. It is mainly used as absorbent of acid gas, surfactant and wetting agent, and also as raw material of polymer.
2. As a desulfurizer, it has excellent performance.
3. Diethylene glycol amine DGA can also be used in high and cold conditions, especially in hot, water-deficient and desert areas.
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