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Rail Shoulders (Cast-in Rail Shoulders)

Product Details
Rail Shoulders (Cast-in Rail Shoulders)
Rail Shoulders (Cast-in Rail Shoulders)
ApplicationUIC54UIC60115RE, 50kg Rail, 60kg Rail,
BS80lbs, BS100lbs, ect.
Raw MaterialQT500-7QT450-10QT400-15
Standard ReferenceGB 1348-88GB 1348-88GB 1348-89
Rail Shoulder Chemical composition(%)C: 3.60-3.80C: 3.40-3.90C: 3.50-3.60
C: 3.60-3.80Mn: 0.2-0.5Mn: ≤0.5
Si: 2.50-2.90Si: 2.70-3.00Si: 3.0-3.2
P: ≤0.08P:≤0.07P:≤0.07
S: ≤0.025S: ≤0.03S: ≤0.02
Tensile Strength≥500 Mpa≥450 Mpa≥400 Mpa
Yield Strength≥320 Mpa≥310 Mpa≥250 Mpa
Metallographic organizationFerrite + PearliteGraphite + Ferrite + PearliteFerrite
SurfacePlain, Hot Dip Galvanized, Sandblasting
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