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Drag reducing agent ion sustained release agent
The price range is 800-2000 yuan/ton composed of a variety of ingredients, including electrolytes, curing agents, lubricants, conductive cement, filling materials, etc. It is a good conductive body. It can be used between the grounding body and the soil. On the one hand, it can be in close contact with the metal grounding body to form a large enough current flow surface. On the other hand, it can permeate into the surrounding soil, reduce the resistivity of the surrounding soil, and form a gently changing low resistivity region around the grounding body. Technical indicators: 1. Resistivity: 50%-95% (the higher the soil resistivity is, the more significant the drop resistance is); 2. 2. Stability and long-term effect. The theoretical validity of resistance-reducing agent is more than 30 years; 3. Its water retention and water absorption are significantly improved compared with previous products; Resistance reduction agent -ZH-RR01- Physical type - Weight: 25kg Efficient enhancement resistance reduction agent -ZH-RR02- Physical type - Weight: 25kg
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