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Product Details
Intelligent adjustable color changing sports sunglasses
1. Dimming function: 0.1 second ultra-fast invariant light, eliminating dazzling light. The wearer can hardly feel it changing color, and will unconsciously complete the process of changing color. Perform well in response to sudden changes in light (such as sudden entry into a room, driving out of a tunnel) and avoid glare. 2. Anti-ultraviolet function: Anti-ultraviolet function material is added in the lens, which can greatly filter the ULTRAVIOLET ray, protect the user's eyes, relieve the fatigue of vision, and deal with the sharp weapon of direct sunlight. 3, super light memory frame: memory elastic mirror leg, high elasticity is not easy to break wear-resisting and anti-collision super wayward, in order to prevent breakage in the process of movement. 4. Polarizing function: Polarizing film is added into lens production, and the product has the function of general polarizing glasses, which can avoid the interference of reflective road surface, reflective water surface, reflective lens, etc., and provide comfortable experience in driving, outdoor sports and outdoor leisure and other scenes. Material TR90 color (or model) black
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