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Product Details
API 16D Fire resistant BOP HOSE
API 16D Fire resistant BOP HOSE

Our company specializes in producing High pressure hoses, Hydraulic hoses, SAE & DIN series hoses, Drilling Rotary hose, Choke & Kill Line, Bop hoses, Suction and Discharge hose, Fabric hoses, Metal Flexible hose, Fireproof hose, Silicone hose and Hose Assembly, Kelly Hose, etc.
5, 000psi W.P. – 10, 000 psi Test-15, 000 Minimum Burst
API Spec 16D--ISO 14693
Recommended For:
When primary well control has been lost, it becomes the function of the BOP to operate and seal the well to prevent a blowout. All equipment must be able to operate under fire exposure conditions.
Flameshield 5000 is a hydraulic control hose that operates at 5, 000psi whilst exposed directly to fire for a minimum of 5 minutes ensuring all well control operations can be effected in an emergency situation. Rotary drilling Hose
Modified Nitrile. Black.
Multiple layers of textile fabric and steel cable, with one layer middle rubber placed between cable layers.
Fire resistant, rubber cover, stainless steel armored to handle abrasion, corrosion, cutting, gouging, oil and weather.
Crimped couplings with over-ferrule fire protection.
-40°C to +121°C
Accessories such as API 16D quick connector, self-sealing union and exterior armor to protect hoses against extreme environmental damage are available upon request.
Each hose is tested at 10000psi for 15 minutes. Pressure test graph, test certificate and letter of conformance are issued for each hose.
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