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Product Details
6-8mm automatic mesh welding machine
6-8mm automatic mesh welding machine
Technical parameters of Automatic Tunnel Mesh Welding Machine:
1. The width of welding mesh is 1.2m to 1.5m
2. The diameter of welded steel bar is 6mm-8mm
3. Number of solder joints: adjustable
4. Maximum welding times: 40~45 times/min
5. Welding longitudinal bar spacing: 100-200 mm (adjustable)
Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Machine After-sales service:
1.spare parts supply: for every customer to establish a detailed file, provide long-term spare parts supply (only charge cost), and according to user requirements to the fastest speed to the hands of users;
2.Sudden emergency repair service: in case of equipment failure, the user is unable to solve the problem, the company will send personnel to solve the problem as soon as possible according to the user's requirements, and timely repair and resume production for the user;
3.The warranty period of the equipment (except for wearing parts) is one year.
Automatic tunnel welding net machine through programmatic, intelligent control technology, change the way of manual operation, high reliability, will significantly improve the steel wire welding processing accuracy and production efficiency, less standard suitable for large-scale network and complex number of construction with network production, use for building (coal mine, tunnel) welded steel fabric and all kinds of fence mesh. It has the characteristics of small occupation, large output, low cost, simple operation, reasonable technology, intelligent controller and no maintenance.
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